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  • 1Confidentiality Disclosure – Please do not send confidential information, such as member number, social security number, etc. in an e-mail message.
  • 2Mortgage Disclosure – All property financed must be located in the state of Texas.
  • 3Educator Mortgage Disclosure – To apply for an Educator Mortgage Loan, at least one applicant must be a current teacher or school employee for at least 2 consecutive years at a Texas school district. All applicants must have a credit score of 680 or higher and a 45% debt-to-income limit. Applicants may finance up to 103% LTV. Additional 3% is to be utilized for closing costs only – No cash back and no “coverage” for a lower appraised home permitted. This program is intended for primary residences within the state of Texas only, not vacation homes or investment properties. Other conditions may apply.